about bio-identical HRT

Making a Difference in Women’s Lives…

“Let us Improve the Quality of your life and help you feel whole again.”

Are you Asking yourself these questions?

  •  Why am I having these mood swings?
  •  Why don’t I have any energy?
  •  Why can’t I sleep through the night?
  •  Is it hot in here, or is it me?
  •  Can someone help me get rid of these menstrual migraines?
  •  Why can’t I concentrate?
  •  Where did my sexual drive go?

Today patients are more educated about HRT than ever. They want to learn about alternatives to traditional therapies. Biologically equivalent pellets are helping women and men get their lives back.

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About Hormone Replacement Therapy


Today women are more educated about HRT than ever and they want to learn about alternatives. Bio-Equivalent pellets are helping women (and men) get their lives back. These pellets are made by compounding pharmacists and are derived from plants. Not only are we able to adjust estradiol (estrogen), we are able to administer testosterone as well, which plays an important role in our lives. Testosterone levels begin to decline in our mid twenties; by the time a woman is menopausal she has lost a significant amount of this critical hormone. So often in practice we hear women complain of feeling tired, depressed and having no libido. Certainly these issues can be multifactorial, but we have found when a women’s testosterone levels are brought back to normal it gives her the confidence and desire to live her life again.


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